Saturday, May 25, 2013

Waiting Fate ~ Book spotlight and Author Interview

Sometimes Fate hides in plain sight while you stumble through darkness.

Ivy escapes from an abusive husband, finding peace with her daughter in her childhood home. She’s determined to keep her past a secret to protect those she loves.

Archer has been in love with the same girl since seventh grade. When Ivy comes back into his life—bruised, broken, and haunted by secrets—he knows he can’t lose her again.

But Ivy made a promise to her daughter. No one would hurt them again. She’s afraid to trust, afraid to be wrong again, and afraid that the one man she’s loved forever will break her heart.

Fate might take it’s time, but it won’t wait forever.

Meet W.B! 
W.B. Kinnette was born and raised in Utah, the baby of the family and spoiled rotten. She lived briefly in Texas and Alaska before coming back to raise her family only a few miles from her childhood home. She’s loved writing since she was small, because daydreams demand to be written down. She believes that dreams must be chased, if only so she can tell her children honestly that dreams do come true if you work hard enough – and never give up!

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Author Interview: 

What is your favorite time to write?
 Late, late night. One, because everyone in the house is asleep and I don’t have any interruptions. Two, because I write better when I’m sleep-deprived and loopy. Go figure.

Where is your favorite place to write?
 Somewhere quiet. I love my children. Really, I do. But I can’t write with distractions, and they’re cute enough that they will always be a distraction!

Do you judge a book by it’s cover?
Totally! BUT. I have bought many books because of their pretty covers and have been very disappointed. I should stop, but covers are so pretty!

Do you have advice for other writers?
Find a support group that knows what you are going through! My family is awesome and amazingly supportive, but I didn’t really start taking writing seriously until I found a chat room where other writers hung out all the time. Writing together, making friends, going to conferences together, it made a HUGE difference. I wouldn’t have half of what I have done if I didn’t have my writer friends.

Do you ever write in your pjs?
Is that a trick question? Is there anything else to write in? Are you implying I am supposed to get dressed every day?!

What is your favorite quote?
Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.

Do you put people you know into your stories?
All. The. Time. Beware of getting on my bad side. Bwahahahah.

 It was a pleasure having W.B here to visit today. Make sure you check out Waiting Fate!