Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Double Fault ~ A Book Review

DOUBLE FAULT is the 2nd book in The Vortex Series where Cassie and Trent’s problems have only just begun. As they fight through the repercussions of creating a parallel world, other dangers are lurking. After years of running, Trent and his orphaned sister, Lorelai, sense the dangerous and power-hungry Dr. Fox is close to discovering their whereabouts.

While Cassie fears for Trent’s life, her tennis career hangs in the balance. Caught between her old and new life, she watches her world slowly crumble until it’s a tragic portrayal of all that she used to know. But worse yet, if her secret is revealed, she might lose what’s most dear to her heart.

My Review: 

Oh my goodness, the twists, the turns, the crazy moments that completely throw you off! 
This book is even more exciting and intriguing than the first! The adventure, the heart pounding, tear wrenching moments will take your breath away. 

Again, the villain just . . . *shakes head* there are no words. I am blown away by how much Janine makes you feel for her villains. It is so crazy but honestly, I felt bad for him! It was crazy! And in that moment when you learn is back story, there was flood of tears!!!! 

I stayed up late to finish Double Fault. This book is incredible, enticing, enjoyable, and like the first, will leave you wanting . . .no, no, NEEDING more!!! 

And just when you think it can't get much crazier, just when you think the story is wrapped up, you get punched with the crazy ending that leaves you begging to know how they are going to fix this all in the end. 

Double Fault is an amazing book that I HIGHLY reccomeend (as well as the first book) to all Young Adults and even adults!! This book, this series, will blow you away!! 

Even despite the few things I really didn't like about it, I can overlook to give this book five stars . . . er dragons! :) 


  1. YAY! So glad you liked the followup to Rematch. And I'm so glad you felt compassion for the villain as it was certainly my intention. Thank you for your wonderful review. Rest assured I am working on Deuce, the epic conclusion this summer.

    1. I did! I love it! And seriously, I am dying for Deuce! The wait is going to kill me. I HAVE to know how it all ends. And you did a fantastic job with the villain. Oh my goodness, I love it!

  2. I can't wait to read some of the books you have on here. Some I have already read.