Saturday, June 22, 2013

Only Half Alive Teaser

I figure seems how I'm not giving you book reviews as promised this entire month, I might as well put something on here for you to read, right? So without further ado, a teaser from my novel, Only Half Alive:

~ Only Half Alive ~ Teaser ~ 

. . . I pull away from his grasp. He doesn't relent. 

“Christina! Are you in trouble?” 

“No, Finn! I just need to go. Now.” I say with force. 

He lets my arm go but his eyes won’t look away from mine. If I thought for a second his eyes could change colors, I would say they just went from silver to black. “I will see you tomorrow. Same place. We can pick up where we are leaving off.” He waits for me to reply. 

“Of course. I will see you tomorrow.” If I’m still alive. 
~ Coming September 27th 2013 ~

Only Half Alive

The World's darkest creature, 
will be their brightest hope! 

While darkness haunts her, she craves the light. Christina is a demon, but she doesn't want to be. She is willing to sacrifice everything to change it. Only one person stands in her way, and he will stop at nothing to keep her the way she is.

The greatest battle of light vs dark threatens every living creature, a battle that could destroy all. And the demon in love will only have one chance to save everyone.

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