Tuesday, August 6, 2013


When I began writing, I told everyone willing to listen about it. And most often, the words I spoke were "If I get published . . ."

And a year later, I was still saying those words. It was a complete surprise to run into Shanna, one of the very woman who taught me one day at the store. And I was close to finishing a first draft. I told her delightfully about my progress. And I told her "If I get published . . . blah blah blah . .  " The look she gave me said far more than her words.

But her words have stuck with me ever since. "When. Not if." She gave me a whole spill on the difference. And that one day, I would get published. I couldn't think if. I had to show people I was serious. I had to believe to there was going to be a when.

It felt awkward telling people "When I get published . . . "  But I did, every day after that.

Well now is when.  

Monday, August 5th 2013, I sent Only Half Alive to Tristi, my editor. My real editor. The woman who is going to help me perfect my book. But not only did I send the manuscript to a real editor, I sent it to Shanna. My soon to be publisher.

Believe in yourself. 
If you don't, no one else will have reason to either.