Friday, January 3, 2014

Finding Gold ~ The Golden Ticket

I have talked about Missing Royal pretty much non-stop since I decided to self-publish it. This story means everything to me and I want YOU to enjoy it and be just as excited! 

The series title is Finding Gold. And today that title is a little more literal. You see, I have twelve copies of Only Half Alive left. Each copy will be sold on Etsy, HERE.

Inside ONE of those copies is a golden ticket for ONE Paperback copy of Missing Royal (Special Edition - a $30 value). 

The ticket has been placed randomly in one of the books by one of my siblings and is small enough that until you open the book, it can't be seen. This means I don't know which book its in. One lucky person who purchases one of the last twelve copies of Only Half Alive is going to get this ticket. 

*Three Golden Tickets have been created. The remaining two will be given away at other times but only this ONE is for a special edition of Missing Royal. The other two are for regular editions. 


  1. Replies
    1. Worry not! As I said in the post, I will be giving away more copies! This was just for fun, and mostly so I could print off a golden ticket for my Finding Gold series. :D