Thursday, January 16, 2014

Help a little girl's dream come true!

Meet Evie . . . 

My 5 year old niece. And she's started her own crayon business (with a little help of course)! 

Dinosaur Set - $2.85 - Sold HERE. Heart Set - $2.85 - Sold HERE

A message from Evie:

The first crayons I made were just a homework project with my mom. I wanted a dino birthday party and my mom said she would help me make decorations. We made dino art to put up on the walls, dino invitations and dino favors. The favors were little dinosaur crayons that my mom helped me poor into a mold. After the birthday party some of my friends wanted more. So we made more... and more... and more... and then my mom helped me put them with dinosaur books in my grandpa's shop. I sold so many that I picked a few new shapes to make and we ordered molds for those shapes too. Now I sale them on my mom's website (Etsy store) that we share. Now my mom helps me cut the papers and I take the papers off the crayons, melt them, and put them into the molds (with a little help from mom or dad). I get half the money I make to spend on things I want, right now I am saving for Disneyworld. The other half goes into my college fund for when I'm a grown up. If you have broken crayons you want to let me use I would be really happy to recycle them (that's a big word mom taught me) into new shapes to make kids happy everywhere! You can send them to my grandpa's shop the address is on the Contact Us page, or if you want crayons for your kids or projects you can send me a request or buy some off the store my mom and I share HERE! 

Help a little girl get to Disney World and save for college! 

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  1. What a fun business to have. Best wishes to Evie!

    1. Thank you! I will pass along you comment to her. :D <3