Monday, March 3, 2014

Reasons to pre-order Missing Royal!

(Book one in the Finding Gold series) ~ March 25th ~  Coming 2014 ~ YA Fantasy
One princess destroyed the world. One princess must save it. 

When she was little she wished to be a princess. Now as a teenager she just wishes she fit in. But Shanice doesn't feel like she belongs, she never has.

When her parents tell her she is the last known princess from another world, it all makes sense.  A world full of magic in place of technology. One where she is more than just royalty, she is their last chance to stop the one who is bent on destroying it. Mendina. 

But she can't do it alone, first she must find the other missing royals. In her quest, Shanice will be forced to choose between the course prophecy set for her, and the one that leads to the man her heart belongs to.

Reasons to pre-order Missing Royal: 

1. Your **pre-order comes with: 

An Only Half Alive Bookmark
A Missing Royal Bookmark
The Enchanted Rose Bookmark 
An Only Half Alive Silicone Bracelet
One piece of Missing Royal Swag (Pendant or Key-chain) 
 a *"Protected by Dragons" Decal
*Not pictured

**This SWAG pack comes with ALL pre-orders! 

2. Your copy will ship one week early! 
3. All pre-orders come signed (and personalized if you want)
4. Pre-ordering the book means I have a way to pay for the cost of the book up front. This means no delays in getting the book published! 
5. Once the special editions are gone, they're gone! There will only ever be 100 copies! 
6. The paperback (regular edition) won't be available on Amazon for an extra couple days after the e-book publishes - this means you could get a copy of the book before its even available for purchase! 
7. Reviewers are saying things like: 

It is a fantastic book and kept me entranced from the beginning. I wanted to keep reading, to find out what happened, hoping that everything would work out in the end. It reminded me of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede. And I absolutely loved those books!  ~ Kate Robbins

I will start off by saying that if you haven’t read anything by Konstanz Silverbow you don’t know what you are missing. Missing Royals is the second book I have read by Konstanz and it blew me away. ~ Lheanne Spicer

This book was great! It had a interesting story line and well developed characters. 
The world was full of magic and interesting creatures. There's adventure, battles and enough was going on that I never got bored with the story. ~ Samantha 

Missing Royal is a book that has a lot of heart in it and you can tell that in every detail of the story. The author has really taken the art storytelling to new heights with this story that captures your heart. ~ Jan Farnworth

What are you waiting for? Pre-Order your copy now! 

~ Pre-order the regular edition HERE. ~ 
~ Pre-order the special edition HERE. ~ 

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