Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dark Star by Dennis Durfey BLOG TOUR SIGN UPS + a Giveaway!!!

Tour Dates: January 26th - February 14th

Author Name: Dennis Durfey
Book Title: Dark Star
Book Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: October 6th 2014
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Tour Host: Silverbow Promotions

Book Synopsis:
After completing the mysterious test to become a Grand Magi with her shandar, Jerdone, Zandreena was looking forward to peaceful years of studying to perfect her magic. But fate and a prophecy of old made her leave her home and led her to an adventure and eventful encounter with the fearless Ash'len, the spiritual Danica, and the proud thief Ren, all of whom would play a role in her journey to finding the Orb of the Magi. This immense duty placed in the hands of this young Grand Magi was not welcomed by everyone, and she had to protect not only her life and her friends' but also her very mission to locate the orb. With the land stripped of its grandeur and serenity due to wars and dark magic, these young men and women must stay together, fight for their lives, and believe that fate would direct them to saving mankind.


Everyone who signs up to participate in the blog tour will automatically be entered to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card!! 

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