Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Future for Tomorrow by Haley H. Freeman ~ Release Day Blitz

Author Name: Haley H. Freeman
Book Title: A Future for Tomorrow: Surviving Anorexia, My Spiritual Journey (Second Edition)
Genre: Nonfiction 
Publisher: Haley's Heart to Heart 
Release Date: April 4, 2015

A Future for Tomorrow is an extraordinary non-fiction account of the author’s battle against Anorexia Nervosa, as well as a spiritual triumph against evil.
Not only will you be brought into the anorexic mind, but you will be spiritually edified as you journey with her between life and death to an eternal world where angels confirm Christ’s gospel truths.
You will be touched by a mother’s sacrifice to save her daughter, be riveted by insights into the psychological world, and witness miracles along the way.
"Beautiful! I was left breathless”  --Kelly Hill, Utah Mother
“Haley Freeman has provided a uniquely personal and revealing account of how destructive eating disorders can be as well as how they can be overcome. Her story offers insight and hope to families impacted by this illness.” --Shawn C. Edgington, PH.D. Psychologist  
 “I came away filled with the knowledge that for all those who suffer with debilitating eating disorders, there is hope. There is promise. They can be made whole again and look to their futures with joy and happiness as Haley did, leaning on her relationship with Jesus Christ and coming to a deeper understanding of her true place as a daughter of God." --Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author and Media Reviewer
“It’s as tense and dramatic as a thriller novel."—Tamara Heiner, Author of Perilous
A Future for Tomorrow saved my life! I could not put it down. It gave me hope that I could overcome my own eating disorder and regain my life.” -- Cindy Vanderveen, Canada, Recovering Eating Disorder Patient.

About the Author:

Haley Hatch Freeman is the author of A Future for Tomorrow which tells her remarkable true story of enduring and overcoming anorexia and detailed miracles along the way which including a unique near death experience.
Because of her incredible story she has been interviewed on radio shows both in the US and Canada She’s been on TV including appearances on the Good Things Utah show. Her story has been featured in newspapers, national publications, and her book is available worldwide. Entire retreat programs have been developed because of Haley’s book and she mentors women all over the world.
(Haley’s recent TV appearance talking about Haley's book From Head to Tummy and giving parenting tips about how to deal with body image with our kids.
Haley not only studied Eating Behaviors in college, but since she defeated anorexia she provides valuable insight on both professional and personal levels. She has been professional trained in public speaking and is a member of the Mountain West National Speaking Association.  She is a keynote speaker presenting at women’s conferences, schools, church groups, and more. To schedule her for your event contact her at
            Haley founded the company Haley’s Heart to Heart in 2012. Haley’s Heart to Heart is a resource of truth for women and children about eating disorders, media messages, and social pressures.  Haley’s Heart to Heart encourages others to creating a healthy relationship with food, develop self-acceptance, and internalizing their divine-worth.
            After seeing a great need of children in these areas Haley wrote her next book From Head to Tummy: The Simple Truth about Food, Media Messages, Self-worth, and True Beauty.
Haley delights in raising her three children in Utah with her eternal companion, best friend, and true soul mate: Brandon.

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  1. The title alone drew me in, and so very helpful a subject for many. Hope it reaches a wide audience.