Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Gathering (Book 2 in the Ceramia Trilogy) by Sherry Taylor

Sherry Taylor
The Gathering: Book 2 in the Ceramia Trilogy
YA Fantasy

Gathering armies, demonic seduction. Hidden agendas and a deadly disease. Just another day in Ceramia.

In the magical kingdom of Ceramia, King Exar continues to send his soldiers and demons after his niece, Kiera, while her personal guard, Canjya, attempts to gather an army to fight for the throne.

Led by Dustin's bugs, Kiera and her friends attempt to evade their enemies, battling them when they must. During this time, they suffer pains of separation and loss while experiencing the effects of an age old Black Magic. Though they rescue some, others are captured and it looks like things are leaning in Exar's favor.

They will never give up, but can they prevail, let alone survive?


Sherry Taylor is the author of the Ceramia Trilogy. She lives at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. She is married to her best friend, John, and they have four amazing children and two totally adorable grandchildren. She enjoys cooking, walking, cross-stitching, painting, Dutch Oven cooking, and of course, reading and writing. In the summer you will find her camping (especially in the Uintah Mountains), trimming her roses or sitting in the shade with a book.

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