Monday, June 1, 2015

Amour Mortel by Leah D.W.

Author Name: Leah D.W. 
 Title: Amour Mortel

She sought danger to prove her worth,
now she is cursed with the consequences.
Trapped within herself and the arms of a monster,
her only means to escape...
is to become the monster.


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 Author bio:

Leah D.W. lives in South Africa with her family and two beloved dogs. She was first published at the age of 21 and has several short stories in anthologies and two poems published. She also has three novels published with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. A proud bookworm and chocoholic, Leah is also pursuing a career in editing and loves to study Greek Mythology. When she isn't writing like a mad woman high on coffee, she spends time with her friends usually drifting through bookstores and watching movies.

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