Monday, June 15, 2015

Seeking Donations for Care Packages being sent to Military Members!

Care Package Send Off

Celebrate the 4th of July by Supporting Our Troops, Medical Volunteers, 
and Peace Corp Members
SSGT Joshua McElwain, Girl Scout Troop #208, Authors around the United States, Rockpick Legend Co., and The Little Gym of Salt Lake are all helping to supply 50 care packages to those who serve our country this 4th of July.
Packages are being sent to members of the Armed Forces, Doctors without Borders, and Peace Corp Members who do not have family to support them as they are serving around the world.
We are still looking for items for these care packages and are particularly short on:

- Novels. All genres (including children's books) welcome!

- Prepackaged Food
(Such as beef jerky, granola bars, pop tarts, snack size packages of cookies, candy bars, pre-packaged non-frozen meals, individual ready to eat soups, any other individually wrapped and prepackaged foods.)

- Flavor packets or drops for water bottles.
Both members of the armed forces and doctors without borders have requested flavor packets, or drops for water bottles.
- Flashlights (smaller please)
- Lap Blankets (Smaller as they have to fit into a medium flat rate box)
- Any handheld game or small board games.
- Silly Putty or Thinking Putty
- Chap Stick
- Small toys, or silly gifts (we get compliments every year on the creative small items people add that make the care packages special).

All items can be sent to:

Konstanz Silverbow
1017 S Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

We will be packing up the care packages on July 7th which means we will need all items before then. 

Thank you!

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