Friday, December 10, 2010

Short stories via Music

Song writers are like novel writers. Only their stories are put into songs.  A song is basically a short story being portrayed with music.  So really song writers are just as amazing as any other writer!  They fit so much detail into so few words!  And that's real talent!!!

A short story must have the same thing as a novel. A beginning, a middle and an end.  A hook, a cliff and a resolve. The difference is a short story must be told in less words which makes it all that much harder!  (I've tried to write short stories, I can never get so few words in that it's still classified as a 'short' story) 

While I work on my books I am constantly listening to music.  It's what keeps me in the right mood to write the scenes perfectly.  If I'm not in the mood I'm trying to write, it doesn't sound like it.  Music, being as amazing as it is, helps stay in focus.  Along with helping me stay in the right mood for each scene it helps me tell the story.  
Example A:  My nine book series:  One of the big things in my nine book series is that one of the main characters has a song for everything!  So lot's of music is involved (so much that it could almost be called a musical)  So with every thing that happens with that character, theres a song behind it.  I have multiple play lists for each of my characters.  The nine book series is based in the modern day and therefore, for the characters to seem real,  they need a life.  What music they like, favorite foods, hobbies, that favorite place they love to go and be alone. . . etc 

Music helps define a characters personality.  One of my characters listens to classical music.  She is very shy and very soft spoken.  She is a very loving character and through the book you learn so much about her.  She's a violinist and pianist.  She's going to college for a degree in music.  So the type of music she listens to and even plays says so much about her!  

Then there's the character that listens to alternative music and pop.  He's a computer geek that LOVES his technology!!  He's fun to be around, not shy by any means and over all a nice guy!  

So on and so forth.   (the list of characters and their music is pretty long so I will stop here) 

Music and writing are my two favorite things!  And put together they make my dreams come true!!!! 

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