Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Writing your own Story

For many, many years it has been pounded into my head that I need to keep a journal.  And in the years past I thought 'wow how boring.'  and never kept one.  But about a year ago I discovered something amazing about keeping a journal!  It's like writing a book, just about yourself!  And amazingly it can be super fun!  I've made a tradition of writing each Journal in a different form.  My current Journal, I am writing in third person.  And with each Journal I change it to something new!

It's also really fun to look for Journals or make them! Personally I go by the really expensive ones that are Handmade in Italy made of leather.  Lot's of people wonder why I bother buying the expensive journals and I tell them 'Because My stories are worth keeping in the best books! And it's true!  And now Journal keeping has become a regular daily habit (though there are a few nights here and there that I forget or am to busy)  But I always keep it up to date and make it as fun to read as possible and I know that one day someone will appreciate the fact that I wrote the stories down and kept them in beautiful books!

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