Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It took a life of work to know. . . .

When I first started writing, one of the first things I was taught was to write with someone in mind. (as in the audience)  Though at the time I thought that was quite obvious and easy, I learned quickly that it is not.  But over Christmas I learned a valuable lesson.

A friend of mine and I were chatting online just weeks before Christmas.  I asked her what she wanted for Christmas but she insisted that I didn't need to get her anything. I laughed and told her that I wasn't planning on 'Getting' her anything, but I was going to make it. She laughed understandingly because she knew I was talking about Jewelry.  She said thank you and told me that if I was going to make her a necklace that she would like a Black and White one. Because I do Beading and have access to unlimited beads I thought 'No problem!' So I come into work the next day and I start looking for a great combo of black and white beads. I found the perfect beads that totally screamed her name! While making her necklace I thought 'Why is it that I just made this beautiful piece of jewelry that I could sale for $75 and I know she's going to love it, yet when I make jewelry to sale it never does?". . .it then hit me! I had made the necklace with someone in mind rather than designing a necklace for fun and making it to sale.

That night I went to bed with a whole new realization. . . Writing with someone in mind is writing a story that people read the same sort of thing I do , people that have similar qualities and so forth are going to like! It was an amazing epiphany! But not only that. . .I realized another great lesson.

The 'why me?'. . .
Everyone's said it at least once! And everyone's heard the phrase 'Everything happens for a reason.' But that night I learned just why me! Since I was 14 (maybe even younger)  I wondered, 'Why me? why do I have to work at a rock shop and be home schooled instead of growing up like a regular kid? Why me? why couldn't I got to school and mess around like other kids? And I found my answer.

I got to work at a rock shop because it was the only way for me to become who I am today. If I had gone to public school and messed around like other kids than I wouldn't be nearly as mature as I am now. I wouldn't be a writer, I wouldn't be as smart, I wouldn't be going to writers conferences rather than football games and pool parties and such. So now I don't ask 'Why me?" I say 'Thanks for choosing me! Thanks to my Heavenly Father for preparing me for my future! Thank you for making me realize just why it was me.'!