Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pen Names

Why? What is your reason for wanting or not wanting one?
What do you think of pen names? Will/would/ do you want to use one when you get published?

Comment and tell me why.

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  1. Protect yourself! You don't want stalkers to know who you are or how to find you. In today's world if you publish your name anyone who is good at using the internet could find pretty much everything about you out in a matter of a very short time. It protects you, and your family. Especially if you ever get into conversational subjects.

  2. I'm a fan of pen-names :o) Writing is a part of your life, but should never be ALL of your life. I think you need to to be able to separate yourself from your work. Otherwise, people will ALWAYS look at your name rather than look at YOU for who YOU are. Sure, it might open a few doors for you; but it can also close a few, as well. And as stated above- there are some serious stalkers out there- not only can they track you down, but also your family and friends. Besides, if you ever feel like changing your style of writing, you can have multiple pen names for the multiple personalities, lol!

    As for coming up with a pen name- I've always used something that is meaningful to m, or is a part of me in some way.

    My favorite pen name is Calee/Calle MacHaol. Calle was my great grandmother's name (and if you take the first 2 letters of my first name and combine it with my middle name, you get Calee). And MacHaol is simply the Gaelic (Scots/Irish) version of my surname because it was "English-i-tized" :P -cami

  3. PS- I shared on FB 2 days ago >wink<

  4. Hi, cutie! I had thought about that, but for now, I will keep my name as it is. I just read the comment above mine and oh is she right. Like super heroes, we should have a "mask" so we can have a normal life. Lol, but who said writers are normal anyway???

    I don't know to be honest with you. I'll go where the Lord instructs me. We'll see!!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  5. I am all for pennames and agree with Cami, choose something that is close to you. However, nowadays, your real name will appear next to the copyright inside the book, so if you know to look there then the reader will know who *really* wrote it.

  6. Pen names are good if you want to express yourself through them. May be I will use one if I write one more book as I would not like to offend anyone just in case. When I wrote "Medicine Fruit" I ended up offending some people but some people actually congratulated me for predicting our countries future.