Monday, September 19, 2011

I am doing Book Reviews!

I am now doing reviews! But before you jump up and down and get all excited read all the details!



Because I read hundreds of books every year and I own hundreds of books, I do not have time to write full reviews for every single book. But I am going to do star and rating reviews. 
1. Stars representing how good the book is
 2. A rating telling you what age group the book is a good read for! 
On some books I will do *full reviews and I will be glad to do full reviews for certain projects, or needs. Also, when I do interviews with authors, I will post full reviews for their already published, or newly published books! If you would like me to review a book for you, feel free to e-mail me! 

* The books that get a full review will be books that I loved so much I thought they deserved more than a couple stars and a rating!

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  1. I often thought there should be ratings for books like there is for movies i.e., G, PG, R, so parents would know what's inside the books their young teens are reading. Just a thought.

  2. Indeed. There have been many books that I would have loved to see a rating on before I read the book. And that is why I am going to start! But if you would like to see another blog that does that, here is the link.

    This blog is done by my Wonderful friend Elizabeth Mueller and her daughter and it is all about reviewing books. They put ratings on all of the books so it is a wonderful blog to check out when looking for a rating.