Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love Tigers?

Have you read Tigers Curse? 
Have you heard of Tigers Curse? 
Do you want to know more about Tigers Curse? 
Are you interested in Tigers?
Do you love great books?
Do you love stories about Tigers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then keep on reading! Because the Author of the Tigers Curse saga is going to be on my blog! That's right! I am doing an interview with Colleen Houck! And that's not all! I am doing a HUGE giveaway! But. . . it's not until the last week of October. 

          (This piece of art is one of the many prizes I will be giving away during Tiger Week)

Now you might ask; "Why October?" And I will tell you "Because on November 1st Tigers Voyage- the third book in the series- is being released! And I am having a tiger party leading up to the release date! And that involves lot's of *Tiger giveaways and an interview with the amazing author!"

But now you might ask; "Why give us a heads up? Do we really need to know about this now? The last week in October is a month away!" And I will say "Because I need your help! And yes you need to know about it now so that you can look forward to it. Why? Because I need to know what you want to know! I know that sounds confusing but let me explain. I need to Know what you Want to know about Colleen and the Tigers Curse saga. So, what questions would you like me to ask her?? What sort of thing do you want to learn from this interview?"

So now you might be getting a little more excited about learning about this early. So, What do you want to know about Colleen and the Tigers Curse saga? Leave a comment and let me know! And don't forget to spread the word!

*I am not giving away an actual tiger but if you want to know what I will be giving away, check out my Giveaway page later today or tomorrow (Just depending on when I can get everything on there)


  1. Will be checking back, even though I really wanted to win a real tiger... pretty bummed out!

  2. what do tiger's dream of when they take a little tiger snooze? do they dream of mauling zebras or cally berry in a cat suite! Don't you worry your pretty stripy head, we're going to get you back to Tyson and your tiger bead. Then we're going to find our best friend Doug... okay yeah I couldn't help myself!

  3. Will a stuffed tiger be sufficient? Because I can giveaway a stuffed tiger. We might have problems if I give away a real tiger. . .