Friday, September 2, 2011

Inspirations, Words of wisdom and the creation of a future "Quote"

Ever since I have become an author I have always dreamed about the day that I would be known for all the wonderful wisdom filled messages I would give to others. I even tried to come up with a few at first but soon realized that it's not something that automatically comes to you once you know what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Wonderful quotes and words of great help and inspiration come through hard work, lessons learned the hard way, experience and most importantly, talking with your best friend!

Yesterday I was talking to the Wonderful Lizzy Hughes and she was telling me about how she was having a hard time writing scenes with one of her characters because he's so hard to work with. She said that as hard as she tried, he's one of those guys that Just. Won't. Fall. She also said something about finally putting another person (one this stubborn character loves very deeply) on a branch and cutting the branch off the tree.

Without even stopping to take a breath I replied

"When your characters won't fall, make them jump after somebody else."

Lizzy and I looked at each other. We both smiled and started laughing. I was so excited that without even meaning to I said something EPIC! So epic that one day other people will "quote" me on it and it will be known! It will help inspire other authors on their journey to finishing their novels and stories of all kinds!


  1. That was quite an AWESOME time, if I do say so myself! :D I guess I have something to thank Dante for after all XD

  2. Love your quote. Good looking blog too.

  3. Yes, yes it was Elizabeth.

    Em-Musing, Thank you very much for the wonderful compliments!