Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiger Giveaway 4: Written Love

Before I give you Contest info,  I have a special announcement! I have been told by a few people that they can't comment on any of my posts and no one knows why.  So if you are having troubling with commenting,  E-mail me all the times you have shared and your entries into whatever contest you are entering and I will count everything as if you commented.  Sound good?  Any questions?  Email me.

 And now for today's contest!

Write a love poem.  Simple as that (ok I don't think that is really simple).   And then I want you to e-mail it to me.  (Same e-mail as above)  Comment and let me know that you e-mailed me.  (Unless blogger won't let you comment.  Then I need you to e-mail me about it! :D  But you can put everything in one e-mail)

And how do you get points for this contest?  Read on. . .

1+ For a love poem
2+For a love poem about Ren and Kelsey
3+ For winning the poem Contest!


  1. Okay it is really bad, but I'm willing to give it a shot for a giveaway :P

    This is the story of two souls who meet
    on a quest to free a prince of his cat feet
    The circus is where Kelsey and Ren met
    which started her journey on a private jet
    The duo's adventures got Ren closer to being
    the one that Kelsey could not see fleeing
    Now that Ren has lost his memory of her love
    Kishan is trying to win her over without needing a glove

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  3. You're the one I trust

    And the only thing I lust

    You're the one I truly love

    And everything that I dream of

    My redemption from myself

    And the one thing that makes my heart melt

    The one who calms my mind

    And holds me when I cry at night

    You're the one who helps me breath

    When everything else is against me

    The one I truly need

    To be myself absolute complete

    Forever's not long enough

    To express all my love

    And snuggles tight

    And tickle fights

    You're something special

    When you sing softly

    And when you hold my hand

    I feel – free

    You know what you are?

    Your special to me.