Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who needs NanoWrimo?

Three weeks ago my friend Lizzy and I decided to race to page 100 on our books as a motivation to write and reach our goals of finishing out books! I updated about it and gave ending numbers!

Two weeks ago we began another race (trying to reach page 200) But we were both so worn out that we decided to give it a break.  Now we are both up and at it again and we just started a race today!

We are racing to page 175!  And starting yesterday (Saturday the 15th),  we only have until next Saturday evening at midnight to get there!  Now, we are racing to page 175 but I personally set a goal to hit page 200 on Saturday. (Don't tell Lizzy cause really I just want to get ahead of her again! mayahahahahah)

I am very far away and right now I am having a problem with Character block.  I need to start up another interesting part of the story so that I do not bore my readers.  Wish me luck!

And my over all goal is to be finished with book one by November 1st so that I can write book two for Nanowrimo  (but like it says above,  who needs Nanowrimo when I can just race Lizzy?)

And to Lizzy (just in case she reads this post :D )  May the fastest writer win! :D

p.s  Lizzy is the one who originally said "who needs nanowrimo when  I have your challenges?" in reference to these races that we are doing.

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