Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reading is my Escape

I am feeling very excited about my book right now!

When I finished my book last year,  I was so disappointed with my writing just within the first couple of pages that I didn't even realize how much good stuff was hidden deeper in.  Now I am glad that I kept all the original drafts for this book!

This morning I edited the entire prologue of my book and now I am super excited because things are falling into place beautifully like there was a missing puzzle piece that has been found! (Mostly from the original drafts!)

And because I am very happy with my work and how far I have come,  I am going to share one of my FAVORITE paragraphs from the entire book! This part is in the beginning of the book,  from one of my favorite Characters POV.  But while this is from a character in the book, it is the truth and exactly how I feel about reading!

Written words filling the pages of a book are like steps in the roads we take in life.  Each one 

daunting as you turn the crisp paper to a new set of words, to a new set of obstacles daring you to 

jump through them.  Waiting to crush you and all remaining hope.  Each page, each step is a new 

adventure that can lead anywhere. Its all of these reasons that I read. I read myself away from 

the real world. Because when I read, I know that when I look away from that daunting new page, 

reality surrounds me. I can always escape a book and come back to the real world. And when the 

real world becomes too much, the books become my escape.

So what do you think?  How do you feel about reading?  Why do you like to read?

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