Sunday, November 13, 2011

Help me, and get a prize!

Okay I need some and if you help me I will give you the chance to win an awesome prize!  I need everyone to answer the poll on the side of my blog ----------------------------------------------------------------------->

And I need you to 'Like'  my Facebook page(s)  Yes there is more than one.  I have two blogs and an author page,  each of them also have a Facebook page.

Go Here to like my other blog's Facebook page.  And Here to check out the actual blog.

And Here is my Author page on Facebook.

Okay,  Did you get all that?  This little 'contest'  will end on 11-16-11 at 11:40PM And while I would love it if everyone could like my pages and answer the poll,  I can only ship within the US.

Now after you have 'liked' my Facebook page(s)  and answered the poll (You do not have to do everything but you get an extra point for each one that you do)  Comment on this post and let me know what you have done.

And here is what you could win: 

A pair of earrings!! 
(only one pair but you can choose which one you would like.  And I have more colors than what is shown.) 


Gemstone Heart Charms - Sold Individually

A set of three pendants! 
(I have many different styles and you can mix and match.  Click Here for more.)

These pendants and earrings make wonderful gifts!  So even if you can't use them or don't want them for yourself,  you can get working on Christmas presents early! 

Alright,  you have seen what you can win! No go 'like' some pages and answer the poll!  And don't forget to share my blog!  (Yes you get extra points for that as well.  Just let me know in the comments and don't forget to leave your e-mail with your comment so I can contact you if you win)

. . . WAIT! I forgot to mention one more thing. . . if I get ten comments or more,  I will giveaway two sets of prizes! . . . okay now you can go! :D


  1. You are working very hard at this. I find that amazing. I hope other authors work as hard for you when you get published. p.s.- this page doesn't really want me to comment. This is my 3rd try.

  2. Wow. Beautiful jewelry. And I did everything!
    FB-Tayte Hunter
    And I did answer the poll. On both pages. :D
    Thank you!

  3. I answered your poll and liked your facebook pages. Thanks for the awesome give-away!

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  5. Thank you to everyone who helped me out and 'liked' my Facebook pages!

    TayteH, please e-mail me your shipping info and which prize you would like!

    This contest is now closed.