Friday, August 3, 2012

Authors have feelings too!

Authors have feelings too!

This writing tip is for anyone who writes book reviews! 
One thing that I have seen a lot of is really mean bad book reviews.  

Honesty is the most important thing from a book reviewer.  But just because you didn't like the book, doesn't mean that the book is bad.  And if it is, you still don't need to be mean about it.  Authors have feelings just like anyone else and it is painful to hear from readers who don't like their work! So if you are going to write a book review for a book you didn't like, don't tear it apart viciously.  Give the reasons you don't like the book, maybe do a point system for reviews.  

You don't have to give it 5 stars even if you didn't like it.  Be honest, don't be mean.

*Originally posted on Writeaway, a blog that is no longer live.


  1. Meh. I try not to be too mean for "indie" authors but famous authors I see no point in holding back. It's not like Stephanie Meyer or Amanda Hocking is going to be reading my review on Amazon of their crummy book. Even if they do, they can console themselves with their piles and piles of money.

    1. I believe it doesn't matter whether they are "indie" authors or famous authors. An author is an author, a person is a person and everyone has feelings.
      Even rich people.