Monday, November 5, 2012

Announcing BONDED by Michelle Davidson Argyle + A Book Review

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Announcing BONDED by Michelle Davidson Argyle

If you like the darker side of fairy tales, especially ones twisting in ways you wouldn't expect, you won’t want to miss out on Bonded by Michelle Davidson Argyle. Author Elana Johnson calls this collection of three fairy tale novellas, “Magical storytelling. The only consolation when one story ends is knowing there's another one waiting” Author Chantele Sedgwick says it is, “Romantic and enchanting. Ms. Argyle has a captivating voice and beautiful writing.”

Bonded by Michelle Davidson Argyle 


What happened after Cinderella married her prince? How did the evil sorceress in Sleeping Beauty turn evil in the first place? Discover these stories and a world filled with magic, forbidden love, elves, sprites, dragons, and the most powerful creatures of all— the fairies —in Bonded, a collection of three fairy tale inspired novellas. Based on three fairy tales, Bonded contains a fairy tale continuation (Cinderella), a fairy tale retelling (One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes), and a fairy tale prequel (Sleeping Beauty).

You can't tell me that you aren't dying to read this book.  (Trust me, you are.  And if you're not, you should be.).  

Don't believe me?   Here is a more detailed description of the book.  

Detailed Book Description: 

CINDERS: Cinderella sequel. Money can’t buy love, but magic isn’t a sure bet either. Cinderella, now officially a princess, finds royal life is not what she once dreamed. When a mysterious elf from her past stirs up long-suppressed passion, Cinderella begins to wonder if there really is love beneath the spell that captured her husband’s heart. But undoing magic can be harder than casting the initial spell, and the results are even less predictable.

THIRDS: A retelling of the Grimm’s fairy tale, One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes. Issina is surrounded by magic, yet none of it belongs to her. Despised and abused by her mother and sisters, she finds comfort when she meets the beautiful elves living in the nearby woods. The elves want to help her discover her own magic, but it’s not the kind of power she hoped for, and she learns there is more to magic than getting what you want.

SCALES: Sleeping Beauty prequel. The sun never sets in the realm of the fairies. When the young fairy Serina looks into her sister’s eyes, she sees darkness for the first time. After her mother is murdered, Serina defies fairy law to follow her sister to the human realm. There she discovers the strength of a bond, the weight of a promise, and the darkness in her own heart.

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And now. . .the moment you've all been waiting for; My Review: 

Not for the faint of heart, Bonded opens your eyes to the darker side of fairy tales.
Cinders shows us that not all stories end with a Happily Ever After. Thirds shows us the power of family and forgiveness and Scales shows us the darkness hidden in secrets. 

And all in all, you will be captivated, reading until the very end and only wanting more when you get there.
As it has been with all that I have read by Michelle, the writing is beautiful, stunning.
The characters come to life on the pages and without realizing it, you are whisked away on a journey with them, feeling for them and rooting for them.

Filled with emotion, this book will make you laugh, smile, weep, gasp, and cry some more.

To Michelle, please write more because I just can't get enough! 

Over all rating? 5 Musical Notes.


  1. Thank you so much! I really love your review! <3

    1. You are welcome! I had a blast participating in the hop and I LOVE Bonded!