Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Souls in Peril ~ A Book Review

Souls in Peril by Sherry Gammon 

Book Blurb: 

Max Sanchez is the “it” kid at Port Fare High. He’s the star of the baseball team, he’s dating head cheerleader Emma McKay, and he has a throng of wonderful, supportive friends. 
JD Miller is the school’s punching bag, verbally and emotionally. He has a loving mother, but her choice in boyfriends is questionable, leaving him a target at home as well as school.
A tragic car accident ends it all for Max when his soul is prematurely removed from his body. The powers that be have asked him to go back to earth temporarily to help classmate JD. Max, always up for a challenge, takes it as a chance to see his beloved Emma again and quickly jumps at what he views as the easy task of helping JD. Max knows with a little cardio he can easily whip the guy into shape, ending all his troubles.
While staying mentally connected to JD, Max’s soul steps into JD’s body. However, Max’s reality is shattered as he enters a world void of love and hope: JD’s world--life as the bullied kid. 
Will he survive? Will JD? Did Emma's love for Max die also? Will Max be able to help these Souls in Peril, or is it all as hopeless as JD believes?

My Review: 

I was taken away with Souls in Peril. Max is the perfect kid in High School.  He's a good student, a great baseball player and is dating the hottest cheerleader at school.  What could go wrong?

Well, a lot could go wrong.  And it does.  Each moment keeps you guessing.  Every hardship has you feeling for Max and JD alike.  Every moment could end it all and you can't help but to route for Max and JD to make it.

In a world of color, JD's life is black.  And through a tragedy, he is shown the light once more.

The writing was good, the characters are believable and you can only love them.
The story makes you realize there is always hope to be found.

I do wish that maybe things went a little faster.  While I loved every moment, some moments just seemed too slow.  And my heart ached watching JD/Max suffer through so much.  
I also did not particularly enjoy the VERY end.   Other than that, I LOVED it! 

Souls in Peril was a good read and I look forward to more.

(My copy of Souls in Peril was provided by the author for an honest review.)

(My copy of Souls in Peril was provided by the author for an honest review.) 

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