Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's a birthday party for an awesome friend!

So if you haven't noticed, for the past few months I have been involved in A LOT of cover reveals, book tours, author interviews and so much more.  And it is all because of this wonderful lady I know.  She goes by Lady Amber! And she is AWESOME! So what is the point of telling you all of this?  Well today (January 16th is her birthday) and when I found this out I thought "hmmmm. . .Amber is so amazing. I should do something for her birthday for her.  What could I do?" And then the idea hit me! "I could throw a little party on my blog.  Maybe even bring her some followers!"  And so today we are throwing a little party for her.  And here is how it is gonna go down:

Originally I was going to do a giveaway and I couldn't come up with any good ideas.  So instead, why don't you stop by Amber's blog and do all or one of these three things! 
  • CLICK HERE to visit Amber's blog & Follow Amber's blog. (GFC, E-mail . . .etc)
  • "LIKE" Amber's Facebook page (CLICK HERE)
  • Wish Amber Happy Birthday via commenting on her blog or posting it on her Facebook page
Oh yeah, and in case you missed it,  Amber is having a HUGE giveaway on her blog.  
You can check it out HERE

Okay, now go wish Amber a 'Happy Birthday!"