Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chase and the Fallen Angel ~ A Book Review

Chase, an uninspired twenty-three year old, trudges through his uneventful life taking for granted the everyday privileges of his human existence. He does not realize how great life is until he is killed in a tragic, freak accident and unwillingly transformed into a guardian angel. Ripped away from his life and loved ones, he now finds himself living in an unfamiliar world where fantasy becomes a reality. He must carry the heavy responsibilities of protecting his Delicate (mortal) from dangers unseen to the human eye. With the help of his two new guardian angel friends, Trevor and Rachel, Chase is taking his first steps on the long journey to eternal peace by becoming a dedicated guardian angel. But the road to eternal happiness is far from easy when Chase has to find his inner strength and courage to battle malicious demons, a deranged priest and a merciless fallen angel.

My Review: 

Alright, I have to start by warning you to NOT be discouraged by the cover. I was at first but R.J kindly gave me the same warning. And once you begin reading the book, the cover is actually quite hilarious in its own way. I smiled the second I realized why the cover is what it is. 

Chase and the Fallen Angel, not at all what I expected. And that isn't a bad thing. So many conflicting feelings go through me about this book. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, you realize that you have no idea. 

R.J does a  good job of keeping you on your toes, making you guess at every turn. Each chapter is a roller coaster, one sentence, you're laughing, the next, you can't breathe, can't think, can't hear anything above the sound of your drumming heart.

This book isn't like any other angel book I have ever read. It is new, it takes on a whole other side of being an angel and/or fallen angel. It brings on new questions and gives you answers at the same time. It is a fun book that makes you slow down and think.  

Gah! Seriously I have so many mixed feelings. Overall? I LOVED it! There are a few scenes that usually make me uncomfortable but I actually thought that they were handled quite well in this book. Taken more seriously, discussed in a way I haven't seen in any other book. And once the topic has been discussed, it is over. No more bringing it up repeatedly throughout the story, which made it so much better. 

I will admit that the writing in the very beginning kinda threw me and made it hard for me to get into the story but once I got past that little opening (about one chapter), I really got into the story and the writing drew me in! 

On another note, this book is a lot longer than most I see these days for this genre! Just over 500 pages. 
And surprisingly, I found that even with the book being longer than expected and longer than what you find mostly these days, the pacing was very nice. The story didn't  feel like it was dragging at all. 

R.J, very nicely done! I can't wait to read your next book! 


  1. Sounds like an intriguing book. And, yeah, that cover is kind of creepy. It's encouraging that it makes you laugh now.

    1. It really is! And yeah, that was my first reaction to the cover. But as soon as I got it, it just became hilarious! I love it!