Friday, June 14, 2013

Quests of Shadowind ~ A Book Review an Alien World!

Logan and Mindy Oakes wake up to discover everything has changed. Wrong beds, wrong clothes, wrong house. And, worst of all, their parents are missing. When they go outside, they run into a friend whose parents are also gone. In fact, all the grownups in town have inexplicably vanished. Then along comes a spider a giant, monstrous, mechanical horror.

And that s the least of the nightmares that will befall the brother and sister in Shadowind, a dangerous, otherworldly dimension inhabited by ghostly creatures, cyborg animals and virtual humans a land where anything is possible, including being downloaded into a cryptic, evil role-playing game.

In order to survive, Logan and Mindy band together with other kids determined to find a way back to the life they knew and loved. Ultimately they must battle the sinister cyber-lord for the Staff of the Sky Shifter, a powerful weapon that could destroy the universe...but might also be the key to getting back home.

My Review: 

This book blew me away! Oh my goodness, the genius that went on in this book is something totally fresh, completely new. I don't even have another book to compare to. Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter just blew me away! Seriously, the detail, the story, the imagination it took to creature such an enjoyable book just swept me off my feet. 

I definitely recommend this book! It took me on such a fun adventure, such a thrilling ride! I was completely take aback! Not often do you really get to see a brother/sister relationship these days but seeing these siblings come together to solve their problems was a very nice surprise! 

I cannot wait to read the next book! This book is very genius, very enjoyable, very adventurous! 

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