Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A tour for Crayons ~ SIGN-UPS!

This is Evie, my five year old niece. She wants to go to Disneyworld. So she devised a plan to get there - sell Crayons. You can check out her store HERE.

And here's the thing - I'm all about living your dreams! So to help spread the word about my niece's little business, I'm putting together a blog tour! The tour will run February 10th through the 24th. All posts will be pre-written and sent to you plus you'll get two sets of crayons. One to giveaway and one to keep! <3 

Evie the Crayon Creator Blog Tour information & rules: 

1.      Each blog participant will receive two (2) packages of crayons. One to keep and enjoy as  a thank you and 1 to give away on their blog. The blog giveaway may include ANYTHING else you want to give away but MUST include the crayons.
2.      Each rafflecopter or giveaway entry method MUST include the following three OPTIONAL entries: (1) Like Evie the Crayon Creator on Facebook. (2) Follow Evie on Etsy. (3) Follow Evie’s Blog anyway you want. Each giveaway can have any other entries the blogger decides up to 30 possible entries per person (total of 30 possible points). Mandatory entries are up to the blogger.
3.      Each blog participating can offer a maximum of 30 entries per person divided anyway they want. Example 30 entries each worth 1 point. 3 entries each worth 10 points, 5 entries each worth 6 points. Etc. But no more than 30 entries per person can exist. (this is so we can accurately calculate who had the most entries).
4.      The blogger with the MOST entries at the end of the blog hop will receive a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card (electronic code, not a physical card) as a thank you!
5.      Bloggers must provide the name of the winner for the grand winner’s list on Evie’s blog.
6.      The Text above as the Blog Hop post must be posted.
7.      Please link to the rest of the blog hop, although not required would be much appreciated. 

Sign up HERE

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  1. I don't have a blog, but I will definitely share this through my Facebook page.