Thursday, April 16, 2015

Captain Schnozzlebeard and the Singing Clam of Minnie Skewel Island by Rebecca Blevins ARC Sign Ups!

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Genre: MG/YA Fantasy

Book Synopsis: 

Captain Gus Schnozzlebeard would rather hear crocodiles sharpenin’ their teeth on sandpaper than listen to his pirate crew sing. To save his sanity, he resolves to acquire musicians for his ship, the Scallywag III. When he hears tell of the Singing Clam of Minnie Skewel Island, he decides that’s exactly what he needs, and they set sail to go find it. Sometimes, though, getting what you want isn’t the best thing.

Join Captain Schnozzlebeard and his crew as they sail past the Tu Ting Pits and visit the Mer Cantilles on their travels. Add in a plucky stowaway, an uptight British admiral, and a kraken attack, and you’ve got a recipe for fun that’s better than a pot of gobbledygook stew. 

"This book is just plain nuts! Kids who like to make snorting sounds while they read will have their wishes fulfilled by Schnozzlebeard." 

Frank L. Cole, author of The Afterlife Academy

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