Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nemesis: Knight by Michael Young ARC Sign Ups!

Sign up to receive an advanced reader's copy of Nemesis: Knight by Michael Young in trade for your honest review to be posted on Amazon and Goodreads! Having a blog is not required but if you do have one, please post your review there as well! 

Genre: MG/YA Fantasy

Book Synopsis: 

With two out of his four quests to become a paladin completed, Rich Witz fears the hardest part is yet to come. His nemesis, a dark knight in training, has already shown his terrible power, and Rich barely escaped with his life. Not only does he need to figure out how to pass the final two tests, but also a way to defeat his enemy once and for all. He knows his nemesis is disguised as a regular person at his school, and his list of suspects just keeps growing. With only a few days left, Rich must find out for himself if he has what it takes to become a knight—and to save his family.

“This is a great book! It has a very compelling storyline. I can't wait for the next book! I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Five stars all around!” – Joseph, age 13

Review Must be posted within three weeks after you've received the ARC. 

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