Saturday, April 18, 2015

Crystal Gate (Shinehah Saga Book 2) by Pendragon Inman ARC Sign Ups

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Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Synopsis: 

Crystal Gate by Pendragon Inman

The chance to defeat their enemy may cost him his soul.

When the Okoru death auctioneer arrives from the mainland and starts enforcing new laws, Wyan—a newly awakened Void elemental—taps into his powers to defend his home. When the situation turns deadly, the entire village is put in danger. 

As everything familiar crumbles around him, Wyan is presented with the opportunity for revenge—a quest deep in the heart of the Okoru world that, if successful, would turn the tide of war in the Mystics' favor. If he fails, however, he will lose everything. A race against time becomes a battle of wills as Wyan must choose between a path of secrets or one of sacrifice.

“I was immediately pulled into the fascinating world of Crystal Gate. The magic system is definitely unique and well-done. Most of all, though, I enjoyed seeing the growth of Wyan's character throughout the story.” Berin L. Stephens, author of Dragon War Relic.
“This story promises to bring a tale full of adventure and excitement to all who read it.” Daniel Noyes
“If you’ve read Fire Gate, you won’t want to miss Crystal Gate, book two of the Shinehah Saga. Pendragon Inman knows how to write high fantasy with a classic touch of humor. Come find yourself immersed in a different world, where challenges are around every corner and the battle has only begun.” Cathy Witbeck

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