Monday, May 2, 2016

My Story: My Power to Rule by B.J. Joke ~ Review Blog Tour Sign-Ups!

Sign up to receive a free PDF copy of My Story: Power to Rule by B.J. Joke in trade for your HONEST review! This is a blog tour but you don't need a blog to participate. Sign up, read and review the book, put your HONEST review on Amazon and your Facebook page/profile and/or blog if you do have one! 

Why join the tour? As a blogger you will receive extra attention on your blog/Facebook page, not only from being a part of the tour but also through  Silverbow Promotions sharing your page and publicly thanking you. 
And as reader or blogger (or both), you will be entered to win an Amazon Gift Card once you've sent a link to your review on your blog and Amazon during the tour! Plus, you get a free book! Win, win, win!

Once you've signed up you will receive your e-copy of the book. And on June 1st you will receive all other needed tour materials. 

Tour Dates: June 16th-30th

Author Name: B. J. Joke
Book Title: My Story: Power to Rule
Genre: Fantasy/action adventure
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Tour Host: Silverbow Promotions

Book Blurb/Synopsis: 
If a power is forbidden, why does it exist for someone to use in the first place? Who forbids the power, and why are they forbidden? Within the walls of reality resides a world just like Louanne’s, with a few minor exceptions… Or rather, a few magical exceptions. As Louanne fights for freedom, a dark power awakens within her, and she begins to understand that this is a power to rule, or else be ruled.

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