Monday, July 16, 2012

Another one of those "Real Life Experiences' vs 'Perfect Movie Moment'

Here is another one of those Movie moments that really didn't turn out like it should have.

  I was told that riding a motorcycle would be really fun.  And of course if you watch any movie where someone is riding a motorcycle, it totally looks awesome, like nothing can go wrong, your hair flies behind you, looking like you belong on the big screen. . . etc.

Yeah well on Friday (7-13-14) I had to ride with my brother on his motorcycle to work.  The ride to work was OK, I couldn't really see because I didn't have sun glasses and the wind was blowing in my face.  My nostrils filled with air and it kinda felt like I was drowning so I had to keep my mouth open so I could breathe.  Even with a helmet, my hair was flying everywhere and I'm pretty sure I made a lot of people laugh with the facial expressions the wind helped me make.

But this is not even the bad part yet.  No, no.  

You see, the ride home was HORRIBLE!  For the first half of the ride home, it was much like the ride to work.  But then we hit this wall of icy cold air and from there on out it gets bad.  Again, without glasses I was forced to close my eyes almost the entire time.  And this wouldn't be such a problem except I have to be able to lean when the driver leans so that we don't get into an accident.  And even if I could have seen, I still wouldn't have been able to lean because the wind was rocking me back and forth like I was a plastic bag.  

AND to top all of that off, I was soaking wet because it started raining on us.  And not only was it raining, but because we were on a motorcycle, the rain was BEATING us.  Hitting like tiny rocks.  They stung and were cold.  So I was being tossed about, freezing cold, soaking wet and being beaten by rain drops.  Yeah. . . what part of Big Screen Ready did the weather not understand?  

So again, Hollywood has failed me and let's just say, I never want to ride a motorcycle again.  

The only good thing that came out of this, is I can now realistically write about what it feels like to ride a motorcycle.  So if I ever have a character who rides a motorcycle, I will be able to perfectly describe what it feels like. 


  1. I feel the same way about convertibles. They seem like they'd be pretty awesome but they're not.

    1. I can agree with that as well, although I would take a convertible over a motorcycle ride again.