Friday, January 10, 2014

Expecting Miracles!

I was going through a really hard time. I mean, life just kinda sucked all around. I didn't want to write, my rankings were going down, and honestly I just kinda wanted to give up. "Expect miracles and they will happen." That's what my friend kept telling me.

I couldn't complain once without her telling me to "expect miracles." And honestly, I had no idea what that meant. Expect miracles? Oh yeah, that's gonna happen. Not. I hated those two words more than I thought imaginable. I finally stopped complaining to her. I mean, come on she's my bestie but I was sick of being told to just expect stuff to happen.

Then things got a little better. Inspiration struck and I began writing again. Voila! I told my friend that things were better. Wanna know what she said? "See! If you expect miracles, they happen." Wha?! I wasn't expecting anything. What is this woman talking about?!

But because things were getting better I let it go. Fine, if she thinks it got better because I was expecting miracles, so be it. And boom! Another miracle hit me! WHA?!?! So I kinda gave in . . .

Skip ahead to Monday. Inventory day at work (mega UGH). And I told her that. Ugh. I hate doing inventory at work. We seriously have a million little things that need to be counted. It is terrible! And it takes forever. And once everything is counted? I have to fix anything that's off in the computer. Even bigger UGH!

But it gets worse. You see I also have a deadline. I MUST have Missing Royal written, edited, and off to beta readers by this upcoming Monday. That means I have to write roughly 60k in LESS than a week and then edit the book too! Mega UGH. And I told all of this to my friend. Wanna guess what she told me? Expect miracles!

So I tell my boss at work that I can't stay late to finish inventory because I *HAVE* to get this book done. And he said he really needed me to stay late because we had to get the inventory done.

And then a brilliant idea came to mind. "Alright, I will stay late Monday and Tuesday night. But then I get *Wednesday AND Thursday off to write." *Wednesday is my regular day off.
And he (the boss) agreed! WHA? Okay so I expected things to work out and . . . they did!

But wait! It gets better. Thursday I was supposed to go into work late and thanks to some snow? I got the whole day off. Did I mention I also get Friday off? So yeah, my miracle was kinda huge.

That doesn't even top off my week. Two other HUGE miracles have happened this week. All because I opened up and expected them. Prayed for them. And allowed them to happen.

And now? Now the same friend who taught me to expect them is needing one of her own! PLEASE help her miracle happen by checking out her GoFundMe project! Even $10 goes a long way!

Expect Miracles! 


  1. Your friend is absolutely right. Miracles do happen but just not the way we think they will. Congrats on all the positive and mine happened today when I needed a beta and one of my blogger friends just happened t open herself to it because she wanted to take some time off writing. What are the odds?

    1. Yes she is! She is beyond amazing and so smart! Thank you! And YAY!! That is definitely a miracle! Keep expecting them and they'll keep coming!