Saturday, January 11, 2014

Writing Tip #3: You'll fight with yourself and that's okay - just as long as you win!

You know how some days you write and think "Dude! I'm genius!" And then the next day you think "Crap! This is horrible and I should quit writing!" You know? You know what I mean? You get what I'm talking about?  Well I am here to tell you that if you go through this you are defined as a Rapunzel writer.  (Okay so I just made that up, but at least let me explain before scoffing at the ridiculousness and walking away).

In Disney's Tangled, Rapunzel has this hilarious scene in which she is walking through the forest with Flynn Rider. And she is fighting with herself (much like Gollum) about leaving the tower even though her mother told her not to. And here is what she says:

(And to help keep everyone from getting confused, BOLD means she is saying it in an excited tone. And NORMAL means she is saying it in a sad "aww crap!" voice.)

"I can't believe I did this!! 
I can't believe I did this.
I can't believe I did this. 
Mother would be so furious
Well that's okay, what she doesn't know won't kill her, right? 
Oh my gosh, this is gonna kill her.
This is so fun.
I am a horrible daughter, I'm going back.
I am never going back.
I am a despicable human being.
Whoohooooo! Best day ever! 

So you see? No? Okay let me use the same idea and change it to the writing situation I am trying to describe.

I can't believe I am writing a book! 
I can't believe I am writing a book!
I can't believe I am writing a book! 
I'm awful! This is terrible!
Well, no! I am going to do this! I got this! 
Oh my gosh, I want to die.
I am a horrible writer, I am going back to normal stuff.
I am never going back! 
I am a horrible writer!
Whoooohooo! Best word count ever!! 

Alright, now you see what I'm talking about?

So now that you know what a Rapunzel writer is, are you one? No? *Wipes forehead* "Good!" Yes?  Well. . . .than I have some advice for you.  Ready? Take notes.
  1. Don't ever give up. 
  2. If you have to, be Gollum instead of Rapunzel. (CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about)
  3. Don't ever give up! 
  4. Know that you will have low moments and still don't  give up.  
  5. And most importantly remember the end of Rapunzel's story. 
You are going to finish that book, and though you may not get in a boat with a really cute guy, you're going to sing! Yep, sing! "AND AT LAST I SEE THE LIGHT, AND IT'S LIKE THE FOG HAS LIFTED." Cause you will have finished a book and you will get it published and you will have learned.

And when it is time to write your next book, open the document, and whisper quietly to it "You are my new dream."  

And always remember, no matter what, you can still succeed. 
There is no expiration date on success.  


  1. I like it. "You are my new dream" it is an inspiration.
    Also there is no expiration date on success.